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Poem of the day- Link it up

Eu updatesPosted by St├ęphanie Verilhac Marzin Thu, September 15, 2016 09:50:52
Overwhelmed by all the burning regulatory info coming in every day, whcih can sound boring and uneasy to grasp, thought of changing the approach and instead of doing a daily article about EU or market news, I'd rather write a little poem, story, haiku or quote of the day.
Today's thought is the first try, called" Link it up"
in reference to the new EU copyright reform proposal

Link it up, link it down
For everyone can see it on their own
Just make sure what is linking
Is not copyright-infringing

See it round, see it all
Watch everywhere with no wall
Cause content is there to see
From every place you want to be

Spread it out, everywhere
Good stories are here to share
Respective of the authors' care
For the benefit of those who dare.

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