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EU data protection reform coming

Eu updatesPosted by St├ęphanie Verilhac Marzin Mon, March 07, 2016 15:32:22
With the recent adoption of the EU-US Privacy Shield, which aims at putting in place a new legal Framework for the transatlantic data flows after the invalidation of the Safe Harbour Framework last October, and the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, the legal environment for data protection and privacy in the EU is at the forefront.
The new rules will put in place more user control by relying more intensively on consent as the major legal ground for data processing, will also ensure businesses have less authorisation burden with the one-stop -shop approach and enables some processing for legitimate interest grounds. But it also sets a tough approach on further processing, tying the data processing to one finality only and making further processing subject to additional consent in major cases. Higher sanctions and fines will presumably incentivise businesses to work out data protection by design and by default approaches, to liaise in advance with their national Data Protection Authorities for compliance seeking and to carefully analyse their data transfers and paths.

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