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Insights from TFM&A conference

Eu updatesPosted by Stéphanie Verilhac Marzin Mon, March 03, 2014 15:13:14

The conference focused on marketing and advertising but notably has a whole theatre devoted to search marketing where interesting tips on SEO and search advertising were discussed. The panel discussion on what’s next in search brought out interesting views on SEO that cannot be a standalone process but also on mobile search marketing which is viewed as the new trendy channel. Another panel discussion on B2B content marketing was also very interesting, showing that not only B2C but also B2B marketing and advertising are multichannel and that the messages need to be targeted for the right audience in the right channel.

Catherine Flynn from Facebook UK delivered a high level keynote speech on the future of social media marketing which she renamed as the future of marketing, stating that social media marketing is unavoidable for any brand and company and that it now becomes the essence of the marketing mix and media chosen. She gave interesting figures on the development of mobile social media and related marketing/advertising information.

In a session on search marketing, Pierre-André Pochon from Leadformance outlined a very lively presentation on store locator and how it can increase the traffic and visibility of SMB’s whilst also being encompassed into search patterns and services, The session on “making mobile count” revealed interesting trends and tips to enforce good mobile marketing strategies and the importance to consider adapting content to the medium. In his speech about “what’s in a link”, Dixon Jones, SEO Specialist, stressed the importance of SEO and of relevant link connection to enable businesses to be reached.

Privacy and the impact of the forthcoming Data Protection regulation were also discussed extensively in a session chaired by Rosemary Smith. All speakers tend to see the direction for more consent as opt-in like approaches and all companies who are able to embed privacy-friendly techniques will be winning a competitive advantage.

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